The automatic mode is the automatic execution of market information. As long as you have USDT available on Binance trades will be executed fully automated.

There are two ways to do this.

1.) With a fixed USDT amount

2.) With a fixed percentage

10% per Month Performance Rule

We have made it our mission to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the crypto market as easily and transparently as possible. We have therefore decided not to charge any fees if we generate less than 10% per month. In other words, if the automatic mode generates less than 10%, you can use the application free of charge in the following month. The values of the general automatic mode apply to the calculation, as shown here in this field. A trade history for documentation can be found under the menu item Chart.

The automatic mode is the automatic execution of market information. As long as you have USDT available on Binance, trades will be executed fully automated. The amount that is used for this is determined by you. There are two ways to do this.

1) With a fixed USDT amount

To do this, specify the desired amount on the following page.

This amount is then used for each market information.

2) With a fixed percentage

To do this, select the desired percentage on the following page. This percentage of the balance available on Binance is then used per market information. Market information will be accepted as long as the USDT balance on Binance is above the selected amount. If the credit is insufficient, the current market information cannot be accepted. When sufficient USDT is available again, market information will be accepted again.