Upon upgrading, all of MyPerformers' usability features will be activated.

  1. In order to upgrade, you have two options to choose from.

  2. First option is to navigate to the dashboard and then click the upgrade button or you go over the Setting page and click the “Account Settings” button.

  3. Select Subscription Type “1 month, 6 months or 12 months” subscription with different pricing.

  4. For the purpose of this Demo we’ll click “1-Month Subscription”. You may select between two different payment Coin options between Tether and Tron in USDT.

  5. Click on the selected Coin and you come to the Payment Summary where you will see the details of the subscription type. When everything is in order, you may click the “Confirm” button.

  6. Now a success message pop up on the screen. Your payment request has been received and Payment request was a success. Click OK!

  7. The waiting confirmation page displays the payment network that must be used for the transfer.

  8. Click and copy the payment address and the amount.

  9. Go to your Exchange account. 

  10. Click on your wallet, click on withdraw and then select USDT.

  11. Paste the payment address on the address bar.

  12. Browse for the correct network, select the one with TRC20.

  13. Please make sure that you have selected the correct network for the transfer of the payment coin. 

  14. Input the correct amount of USDT to cover all the fees and click Withdraw to confirm.

  15. Please be advised that payment transfers will be waiting for confirmation. This is a result of increased network activity.

  16. Navigate to Setting and click on my Payments to see your confirmation. This may take between 5 to 15 minutes.

  17. You can also view your Premium expiry date by navigating to your Dashboard.