1.     Connecting an exchange.

2.     Click on “Connect Your Exchange”

3.     Select an Exchange where you have an exchange account.

4.     When you don’t have an actual Exchange Account, you can click on the” NO ACCOUNT” Button. The information you need is linked directly to the Exchange you want to connect to.

5.     Click on the Exchange to which you wish to connect and then select the method. Scan the QR code or copy and paste.

6.      After you have scanned your QR code or paste your API Keys, you will see the Next Button after clicking ,,Next” you come to the next Screen and there you can click the Button ,,Create Account” The System will now establish a connection to the Exchange and you will taken to Dashboard.

7.     Now you can see on your Dashboard Screen on top the Balance of your connected Exchange Account.

8.     Click on the Exchange account button to see the connected exchange and

you will be able to see the timestamp and profit loss up to the time you connected the Exchange with the MyPerfromers APP.

9.     If you decide to disconnect the exchange, click on the red X button in the Exchange Screen.

          10.  Pay attention! All open orders will be stopped, and remaining assets will be sold by market            order. You will be disconnected from the Exchange.